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DPO stands for “direct public offering”. A DPO is a securities offering made by a business or nonprofit that permits public advertising and allows both accredited and non-accredited investors to invest in a company. DPOs are allowed under state and federal law, but issuers must first complete a compliance process with the applicable securities regulators. DPOs are simply a different vehicle to help companies connect and work with investors directly.

Our company is dedicated to developing products that support community professionals, from first responders to healthcare professionals. Where our mission is to protect those who protect all of us, we felt it was appropriate to make this investment opportunity available directly to the public. It allows us to achieve investment support in a much more personal way while also allowing individuals to invest in a cause that matters to them.

Particularly in tough economic times, we understand that many people who want to invest may ultimately not be able to do so. Our fundraising goal is just that – a goal. MedFire will proceed forward regardless of how much is raised in this DPO process. In short, there is no “minimum” amount for this offering to take effect. The proceeds received by the Company from the sale of Preferred Stock in this Offering will be disbursed as they become available as described in the Offering section entitled “Use of Offering Proceeds”.

Yes. Our investors receive Preferred shares that provide an annual 6% dividend.

To invest in MedFire, you must be a California resident or a business whose principal location is California. If that is the case, we invite you to visit our INVEST page and to complete the required steps to invest with the Company


MedFire’s DPO allows investors to partake in a company developing and selling innovative products that, with a goal of being profitable, aren’t solely about finance, but aim to have a positive, permanent impact on individuals in our community. In that way, it’s not just a financial investment, but a moral investment aimed at closing the gaps in how we protect those who protect us.

If you are a California resident or a business whose principal location is in California, you may be eligible to invest in MedFire. Our Investor Questionnaire, located on the INVEST page of this site, will verify whether you are able to participate in the DPO.

Please visit our INVEST page for more information.

The minimum investment per investor is $1,000 (100 shares) for non-accredited investors and $2,500 (250 shares) for accredited investors. There is no maximum investment, except as described in the Offering section entitled “Investor Requirements.” For investors who do not meet certain suitability requirements the maximum investment is $2,500.00

Yes, trusts and self-directed IRAs can invest in MedFire Innovations, if the entity that will hold the shares is a California resident.