Any Questions?

Crowdfunding is the practice of collecting money from multiple individuals or sources in order to finance a new project. Equity crowdfunding gives investors the opportunity to invest in private companies or new startups. As an investor, you will have a stake in our company that matches your investment.

Our company is dedicated to developing products that support community professionals, from first responders to healthcare professionals. Where our mission is to protect those who protect all of us, we felt it was appropriate to make this investment opportunity available directly to the public. It allows us to achieve investment support in a much more personal way while also allowing individuals to invest in a cause that matters to them.

Particularly in tough economic times, we understand that many people who want to invest may ultimately not be able to do so. Our fundraising goal is just that – a goal. MedFire will proceed forward to raise a minimum of $50,000.In short, if the minimum goal of $50,000 is not met, all funds received will be returned to the investor. If we raise funds that meet, or exceed the minimum raise ($50,000), all proceeds received will be disbursed as we meet our various timelines, or at the expiration of the offering).

Yes. Our investors receive Preferred shares that provide an annual 6% dividend.

Please click on the “Invest” button below to take you to our investment page. Thank you.

MedFire’s Crowdfund Offering allows investors to partake in a company developing and selling innovative products and services that, with a goal of being profitable, aren’t solely about finance, but aim to have a positive, permanent impact on individuals in our community. In that way, it’s not just a financial investment, but a moral investment aimed at closing the gaps in how we protect those who protect us.
Please refer to pages 38 through 49 in the MedFire Offering Memorandum.

The minimum investment per investor is $500 (250 shares. There is no maximum investment, except as described in pages 39 through 49 in the MedFire Offering Memorandum.