MedFire Innovations helps entrepreneur – firefighter, develop the Key to Success!

MedFire Innovations is excited to announce the success of the “Williams Key.” Firefighter – EMT, and entrepreneur, Trevor Williams, has developed a device he calls the “Williams Key.” This device is a passive entry device used by firefighters and law enforcement to assist in the entry of buildings and doors. Within months of introducing the device to the firefighting and law enforcement communities, thousands of the “Williams Keys” have been sold, and the orders keep coming. MedFire Innovations provided design development and manufacturing assistance to Mr. Williams to help with his continued success.

You can read more about the “Williams Key” here, and view videos of the product in action.

The Williams Key was developed by a firefighter / door carpenter in urban Los Angeles to gain quick access and make entry to commercial and residential doors and gates on the scene o f an emergency response call. It causes little to no damage and weighs almost nothing. The Williams Key can be used on both inward and outward swinging doors, interior and exterior, as well as security gates and a handful of other related applications. It serves as a useful and affordable addition to any forcible entry or soft entry kit; or as a stand alone access tool on any piece of fire or police apparatus.

To speak with someone about these services and more, please contact us at, or call (888)560-1140 (MedFire Innovations).

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