The MedFire Story

We are dedicated to protecting those who are in the business of protecting others.

Letter from Our Founder, Gregory Christmas

In my previous work as a Fire Captain and Paramedic, I was often tasked with cleaning backboards, gurney mattresses, hospital beds, and other equipment. It didn’t escape my attention that, no matter how many times or how hard I scrubbed or what harsh chemical disinfectants I used, I just could not get a surface completely clean. Sometimes it was due to the surface material, other times simply because we needed to get back in service as quickly as possible. But when you’re talking about surfaces that have been covered with blood, sweat, accident debris, and more, I had to wonder what germs were sticking around, too.

I knew we could do better.

In 2016, I started MedFire Innovations in San Diego, California, to begin sourcing solutions to some of the emergency services industry’s most challenging problems. I began by developing a patented product to deliver clean barriers in record time. This simple barrier would protect surfaces while reducing equipment downtime. Path-O-Wrap® became our flagship product; a thin barrier of film, makes surface cleaning easier and faster in emergency situations. It instantly reduces pathogen exposures by effectively “turning the page” before the next equipment use. We have also launched a second product, Path-O-Cap™, with additional products in various stages of development.

We continue to research and develop products that can assist with the various challenges regularly faced by first responders, healthcare providers and others who protect the public. These individuals arrive quickly and instinctively do what is necessary to protect our health and safety – shouldn’t we protect theirs?

By developing long-awaited products that meet clear market needs, we can positively impact the lives of patients, emergency personnel, and healthcare providers throughout the world.

We hope you will join us.

Thank you,

Gregory Christmas

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